Toxin Binders, wet Litter Management, Herbal Liver Stimulants, Fly and Maggot Controlling, Amino Acid producing Direct Fed Microbes, Phosphatase Secreting DFM, Gut Acidifiers, Gut Probiotics, Growth Promoters, Nano Minerals, Nano PUFA.


Protozoa care, Fungus care, Algae control, Luminescent Bacteria care, Vibriocare,Natural Phyto-Biotic essential oils, Acriflavine, Live Algal Feed and Anti Viral Compounds.


Microbial Galactagogues, Cattle Mineral Mixtures, Gut Probiotics, Trace Mineralized Salt Licks, Nano Calcium, Nano Fat, Heat Inducers, Wound healers, Mastitis care.


Gut Probiotics, Teethcare probiotics, tick repellant, Degrading Urine and Fecal matter indoors, natural deworming probiotics, Enhancement of fur coat, Natural Deodorants.

Pollution Control

Target specific Effluent treatments, Oil spill management, Passive smoker Protectors, Detonator Replacements, and Pesticide degrading microorganisms.

Waste Management

Septic Tank Additives, Evaporation retarders, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management, Freshness preservation for Vegetables, Fruits and flowers, Bio Gas Producing Microbes, Compost Making Microbes and Grease Trap management.

Fly and Bug Control

Snake Repellants, Fly and Maggot Controllers, Mosquito repellants, Cockroach Control.

Household Bio-cleaning

Wash room deodorants, Swimming pool and Spa water management, Microbial stain removers, Floor Mopping agents, Laundry Aides, Toilet Cleansers, Dish Washing Agents, Fairness Improvers.

Why We Are The Best

Innovative Products

The Company mainly focuses on bio solutions in the areas of healthcare and nutrition of different species like Poultry, Cattle, Pet Animals, Sheep, Goat, Swine, Horses, Laboratory Animals, Fish, Shrimp, Aquarium Fish and Crabs. Our in-house research team is extremely dedicated and resolved to create products that are eco-friendly, safe and economically viable without any compromise on quality and performance efficacy. Our products cater to a diverse industry base and not limited to a specific area. The enzymes, Nano Minerals, Herbal Extracts, and probiotics used in our products cater to Bio-Security, Nutrition and healthcare, improving feed conversion ratios, household hygiene and all the way to solving burning global crisis such as oil spills and pollution control. .

Our Mission

Excellence in in-house research for developing sustainable and diversified practices for enhanced productivity, improved quality, efficient use of water, reduction of residual antibiotics, pesticides, and sustained farm income.