About Our Company

The Company mainly focuses on bio solutions in the areas of healthcare and nutrition of different species like Human, Poultry, Cattle, Pet Animals, Sheep, Goat, Swine, Horses, Laboratory Animals, Fish, Shrimp, Aquarium Fish and Crabs. Also a greater on-going concentration is on bio solutions for management of environment care like municipal solid waste, municipal waste water, industrial effluents, oil spills, cigarette smoking, alcoholic consumption, automobile pollution etc. DVS BioLife Ltd. follows a unique way to convert Waste Created by Man and Animals and merge this nature's wealth of Waste with Bio-Science concepts for a safe and healthy future for the next generations. All our activities are based on the principles of sustainable development - maintaining a sensible balance between economic, ecological and social needs. .

DFM – Direct Fed Microbes is an emerging concept. Extensive in-house trials of our products like anti obesity, cardiovascular disease care have proven to be very effective in confirmation to the above mentioned concept. Hitherto Nano particles are achieved mainly by mechanical pulverization. DVS is able to produce Nano particles of Pure Metals embedded in a matrix of colloidal amino acids and further encapsulated employing a bio-polymer to improve the shelf life in a unique and novel process which is pending patent.