Acriflavine is a preventative and treatment for the control of Oodinium (Velvet) in freshwater and marine fishes. Useful for fish egg disinfection, treatment of open wounds, and external protozoan infections. Effective in the control of the bacterial infection "columnaris" (Flexibacter columnaris). As an alternative to Malachite Green when it is known that a certain species of fish may be sensitive.
Useful in bacterial infections such as mouth fungus, salt water Ich, fin and tail rot, fungus, saproglenia, skin parasites, oodinium (velvet), sliminess of skin and as anti ectoparasite.

What foes it contain?

Contains Acriflavine, neutral (Typaflavine) N.F. grade. Provided as an 80% powder.  

 How does it work?

Acriflavine and other related acridines bind with nucleic acids of the disease causing organisms.


The recommended dosage level of ACRIFLAVINE is 5-10 mg/liter (ppm) for several hours to several days for the treatment of Oodiniosis, often called "velvet or "rust" disease, because of the way the skin appears when the disease is prevalentTo achieve the recommended treatment level, a stock solution should be made and stored in an amber glass bottle.
SPECIAL NOTE: Water conditions in which there is a notably acid pH (below 7.0) will inhibit the activity of this product.
Dosage: 60 g / Acre

Where can ACRIFLAVINE be used?

Brooklynella hostilis, Costia (Ichtyhobodo necatrix), Columnaris, Carp Pox, Fin Rot and other diseases related to bacterial infections

Shelf Life

12 months form the date of manufacture.