AEROCARE is a safe and natural remedy to cure the cluster of diseases in warm water fishes caused by aeromonas infection. Since the use of Antibiotics has the problem of inducing drug-resistance strains, affecting the quality of aquatic products and generating potential threat to human health,  control  of Aeromonas disease  with probiotics, herbs, Minerals etc is an important approach to ensuring the sustained, healthy and steady development of aquiculture. Two species specifically affect warm water fishes Aeromonas hydrophila and Aeromonas sobria. Although the rate of infection is slower than other forms of bacterial infection the most important fact one should consider while treating Aeromonas hydrophila infection of fish is that this is a zoonotic disease, i.e., it is a disease which can be spread from animals to man and vice versa.
The treatment of this disease needs to be initiated before other fish gain immunity to these bacteria, which means if a fresh fish stock is introduced in an infected pond then the rate of mortality is very high. Hence, early adoption of AEROCARE will check the progress of the infection and control it.

 How does it work?

AEROCARE contains Aeromonas hydrophila deactivation bacterin, Nitrifying Bacteria, Oxygen Liberators, Gas adsorbants, Useful Herbs, Synergetic Minerals The herbal and probiotics blend inhibits multiplication of the aeromonas bacteria and infuse essential probiotic bacteria in the pond that promotes immunity and overall health.

How to use AEROCARE?

Powder: 1 Kg/Ton Feed for three days
Liquid: 1 L /Acre in pond water medium

Where can AEROCARE be used?

Fish which are in poor environments due to unsatisfactory water quality such as high nitrite levels, low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO), or high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) are more susceptible to infection by Aeromonas hydrophila.

Shelf Life

12 months form the date of manufacture.