BIOPLANPRO is a safe and natural bacterial and enzyme rich consortium which promotes survival and weight of newly hatched fish in the pond or a reservoir. The bacterial consortium promotes and regulates the growth of phytoplanktons and zooplanktons in the pond that are essential base feeds for most fish in its early stages. Zooplankton is required as a first food for many cultured fish; for others it contributes to faster growth and higher survival. BIOPLANPRO maintains high densities of desirable zooplankton species in culture ponds until the fish are harvested or able to consume commercial feeds.

How does it work?

There will be an increase in -10-20% of the existing phyto plankton/ day, well within three days.  Fish will be consuming this plankton @ 0.25-0.75% of their body weight per day.
And the increase in Phytoplankton leads to increase in Zooplankton @5-15% of the total phytoplankton available/day well within further 3 days.
These Zooplankton will start eating the phytoplankton ( at the rate of 3-9% of their body weight per day) and as such the Phytoplankton will start diminishing, thereafter.
Bentho algae like Spirulina, Chlorella, Anabaena, Nost-oc, Chlamydomonas that are present in Bioplanpro will increase @ 10-20% per day after 4-6 days of inoculation of Bioplanpro into the pond water medium. Fish love these Bentho algae most (Almost 30-40% of their consumption of natural feeds of 0.25-0.75% of their body weight per day)    

 How to use BIOPLANPRO?

4 Kg/Acre or 5 L/Acre once in a fortnight

Where can BIOPLANPR be used?

BIOPLANPRO can be used in most cultured fish ponds or reservoirs where newly hatched fish need a composite nutrient additive n

Shelf Life

12 months form the date of manufacture.