What is FISHMIN?

FISHMIN is a multi layered composition of MACRO MINERALS, MICRO MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS, PROBIOTICS and ENZYMES, the goodness of all essential feed in one macro product. FISHMIN is indicated for faster growth rate, increased weight gains, better feed conversion and for improved health.

How does it work?

Weight, survival and quality of fishes are common issues encountered in a fishery which occur majorly due to poor utilization or provision of all the essential nutrients required by the fish. FISHMIN’s special formula provides these nutrients during calculated intervals which will balance the deficiencies present in commercial Fish feed. The Probiotics and enzymes promote the beneficial bacterial count in the fish gut which will in turn promote faster assimilation and metabolism of micro and macro minerals  that will account for maximum weight gain and

 How to use FISHMIN?

Mix 10 Kg FISHMIN in 1ton of Fish Feed or as advised by aquaculture consultant.

Where can FISHMIN be used?

FISHMIN can be used in all aquaculture ponds and in the cultivation of better fish produce.

Shelf Life

24 Months from the date of manufacture.