Natural Zeolite



Analcime, Clinoptilolite, Chabazite, Erionite, Ferrierite, Heulandite, Laumontite, Mordenite, Mordenite, Phillipsite

What is Natural Zeolite

"molecular sieves".
Pond bottom always plays a key role in aquaculture and every aquaculturist is to be keen in making it pollution free. Left over feed, Droppings of the animals, Dead animals, Harmful algae on decomposition releases lot of obnoxious gases like Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia, Methane, Nitrites which are all toxic and carcinogenic.
A zeolite filter system can be used to mechanically remove food wastes and fecal material. It also removes the ammonia and becomes a host for aerobic bacteria that eat the ammonia. Natural Zeolite actively removes ammonia from the water by a process called ion-exchange. This allows for more fish stocks in a smaller volume of water. Natural zeolite provides an effective alternative means of removing ammonium, with the advantages of low cost and tolerance of low temperatures.

 Suggested Applications

Adsorption, Ammonia Removal, Aquaculture, Aquariums, Bore Water, ,Cosmetics, Detergents, Dispersing Agent, Feed Additives, Fertilizers, Fish Ponds, Fish Tanks, Horse Stables, Industrial Wastewater, Kitty Litter, Landscaping, Lawn Farms, Odour Control, Oil Clean-up, Piggeries, Radioactive Spills, Swimming Pools, Toxin Binding, Vermi culture, Waste Disposal, Waste Water, Water Softening etc


Adsorbs ammonia and other obnoxious gases.
Binds Heavy Metals
Controls algal blooms
Improves Average Body Weight Gain, D.O. and FCR
Prevents pathogenic Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts and Virus.
Reduces offensive odour and Turbidity
Regulates Soil and Water pH.
Softens the water medium
Useful to reduce moisture in the litter by 25%


In Feeds
500g/ Ton feed
In Aquaculture for pond bottom preparation before stocking
100 to 150 Kg/Ha
In Pond Water in aquaculture:
25 kg/ Ha once in 21 days.
In Cattle Shed Floor, Poultry Shed Floor, Pig Shed Floor:
1 kg/ 10,000 sft

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool dry place ; 24 months