What is CRDCARE?

CRDCARE is a microbial recipe catered to treat/ prevent Chronic respiratory disease caused most often due to Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection.

Why use CRDCARE?

CRD is the most prevalent of the so-called 'stress diseases'. Mycoplasma gallisepticum may be present in the tissues of healthy birds (carrier birds). Outbreaks occur most frequently when the flock's immunity is lowered either during times of stress - often caused by moving, chilling, vaccinating, beak trimming, deworming, poor ventilation, damp litter and ammonia build-up or in the presence of other diseases. Transmission may occur even in flocks that appear to be perfectly healthy.

Conventional treatments include a multi drug therapy wherein the following are used

Tilmicosin, tylosin, spiramycin, tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones. Being chemically potent these drugs can be passed onto human blood stream by consumption of these birds. These unwanted chemicals may be the underlying reason for many immunogenic disorders.-

 What does it contain?

This recipe contains carefully selected strains of beneficial microflora that inhibits the growth of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and promotes Gut bacteria regeneration.

How does it work?

CRDCARE effectively neutralizes Mycoplasma gallisepticum along with other pathogenic gram positive bacteria that grow specifically on respiratory tissues or glands. This inhibitory effect will cause reproduction of healthy tissue regenerating bacteria thereby effectively treating CRD.

Where can we use CRDCARE?

In small medium and large scale poultry farms where the diagnosis of CRD is determined or in case

symptoms of the same are observed.

How to use CRDCARE?

Treatment course – 5 days.

1 to 2 Kg per Ton Feed for 5 days

Shelf Life?

12 months from the date of manufacture.