What is EQUIBIO?

EQUIBIO is a complete probiotics supplement for horse containing an array of performance boosting and health promoting bacteria. Research has shown that the improved nutrient digestion and feed efficiency caused by supplementing with yeast culture brings an array of benefits to horses at all stages of life, but particularly to breeding, growing, and performance horses.  In addition, yeast culture has also been shown to increase the palatability of feeds, which is helpful with horses who may be picky eaters.

What does it contain?

Bacillus lichentiformis

B. thermephilum

B. subtillis

Enterococcus faecium

Lactobacillus acidophilus

L. casei

L. lactis

L. plantarum

L. rhamnosus (particularly in foals)

L. pentosus

P. acidilactici

S. boulardii

S. cerevisiae

 How does it work?
  •  Natural Enemy of Salmonella, Rota-Virus, Clostridium and other Pathogens.
  •  Modulates GI Immune Response.
  •  Normalizes Intestinal Flora, pH and Acidity
  • Saccharomyces boulardii binds Clostridium

How to use EQUIBIO?

Provide to horses at the rate of one (1) ounce per day per animal

Shelf Life

12 Months