OXYRICH D O Improver


What is OXYRICH?

Oxygen exerts considerable effect on the survival, growth and production of aquatic animals; directly on feed intake and metabolism and indirectly on environmental conditions. Dissolved Oxygen is the critical parameter needing the utmost attention of the aqua culturist.
Most fish species spend most of the time at the pond bottom where low levels of D O can cause stunted growth, higher susceptibility to diseases, malnutrition and even immediate mortality.
A single product cannot serve at all temperatures and at different pH ranges. OXYRICH is a blend of several products designed to work at extreme conditions.

How does it work/ Uses of OXYRICH?

Act as a mild disinfectant.
Adjusts pH Value;
Bind t-he suspended solids and thus reducing the turbidity.
To eliminate Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide.
To improve the photosynthesis of natant foliage to increase dissolved oxygen.
To increase the yield by enhancing the breeding density at a limited area,
To overcome the situations of lowered D O levels in the culture ponds with no aerators
To overcome the situations of lowered D O levels in the culture ponds owing to unfavorable water parameters like pathogenic bacteria, high pH, high organic loads etc.
To prevent anaerobe from proliferation
To provide a stable and sustained release of oxygen
To reduce the Sub aqueous content of Ammonium and Nitrogen;
To solve the problem of insufficient oxygen in cloudy days and in winter.

 How to use OXYRICH?

Preventive: 250g/ Ha initially and thereafter 50g/ Ha alternate day
Curative: 1 Kg / Ha for three days

Where can OXYRICH be used?

Deep fish reserves and all ponds used for fish cultivation. During winters and temperate zones where temperatures are generally low.

Shelf Life

24 Months from the date of Manufacture