What is FLUNIL?

Avian influenza, more commonly called "bird flu," is a type of influenza or "flu" that occurs in all species of birds- can cause disease with a high rate of mortality (death) in humans. Conventional remedies for flu control are generally ineffective and take a heavy toll on the consumer post meat processing.

FLUNIL is a unique natural remedy that consists of the dried, sifted inflorescence of several Indian herbs that in precise dosage will effectively control/treat Avian Flu.

Why use FLUNIL?

Well-designed human clinical studies have not been conducted on this product FLUNIL. The approved modern therapeutic applications for FLUNIL are supportable based on a combination of factors, including the long history of use of the constituents in well established systems of Indian traditional medicine, in vitro and in vivo studies in animals, and phyto chemical investigations.

 What does it contain?


     Alpha  And Beta Amyrin


     Capsicum minimum 
     Chlorogenic Acid   

     Corn oil              
     Echinacea purpurea   
     Eucalyptus Oil

     Extract of Achillea millefolium  

     Extract of Zingiber officinalis       


    Extract of Phylanthus neruri       

    Linseed Oil  

    Extract of verbascum thapsus,   

    Oleanolic Acids     

    Oil of commiphora molmol       

    Potassium Sulfate   

    Peppermint Oil       
    Oil of Thymus vulgaris     
    Ursolic Acid

How does it work?

The internal use of FLUNIL for colds is recommended.

It is found that FLUNIL is useful in the cases of common cold, feverish conditions, and as a diuretic.

It is a diaphoretic medicine for the treatment of feverish common colds or catarrhal complaints

How to use FLUNIL?

Internal: in humans

Unless otherwise prescribed: 20–30 ml FLUNIL per day (3–5 ml, three times daily).

Internal: in poultry birds

Unless otherwise prescribed:

1 ml in 500 ml water three days

Shelf Life?

12 months from the date of manufacture