What is PROWASO?

PROWASO is a Powder based consortium with well balanced beneficial microbes to address the problems arising due to soil and pond bottom containing dead animals, fecal matter, wasted feed and harmful bottom algae, and to control water borne diseases and its associated problems.

How does it work?

  • Binds Heavy Metals
  • Binds Toxins
  • Controls vibrio.
  • Degrades the pollutants at the pond bottom
  • Detoxifies
  • Eliminates water fouling products like Ammonia, Nitrites, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron
  • Improves D O
  • Improves Disease Resistance
  • Minimizes pre and post moulting mortality.
  • Optimum pH is maintained
  • Prevents gill rot, tail rot, antenna rot and loose shell.
  • Provides ambient atmosphere to the inhabitant
  • Reduces need of frequent water exchanges
  • Reduces Turbidity
  • Relieves from the stress
  • Traps Virus  
How to use PROWASO?

In pond water medium @ 1 Kg/ Ha once in 15 days. 
Broadcast PROWASO as per the recommended dosage as indicated below.

Where can PROWASO be used?

PROWASO can be used in most aquaculture ponds such as a Fishery or a Shrimp Pond.

Shelf Life

Months from teh date of manufacture