STAYBLUE is a natural dye used in fish and shrimp ponds that will check and control the growth of non-essential phytoplankton’s and algae. Over population of Phytoplankton’s and algae use up most of the dissolved oxygen and other micro nutrients resulting in lower assimilation of nutrients and poor food conversion ratios . Proper amounts of STAYBLUE beautify your pond and by combining STAYBLUE use with other pond management techniques, such as aeration and natural filtration, you can sustain the pristine look of your pond, while enhancing surrounding property aesthetics.

How does it work?

Sunlight is required for photosynthesis and algae or phytoplankton’s need sunlight to perform this activity thereby blooming in population and thereby use up the nutrients in the pond. STAYBLUE blocks the yellow and blue wavelengths of sunlight that are required by the plankton’s and algae for photosynthesis. This reduces their bloom and in turn increases the level of Dissolved oxygen and also makes the water in the pond clean and clear.  

How to use STAYBLUE?

STAYBLUE is a powder formulation that comes in a case of four floating packets. Each packet treats one acre-foot of water. STAYBLUE does not make the water unsafe for fishing or swimming. For best control, colorant should be applied early in the season.

Where can STAYBLUE be used?

STAYBLUE can be used in aqua culture ponds for reducing the algae/plankton bloom.
Water bodies where outflow is limited and the water is not circulating such as in SWIMMING POOLS.

Shelf Life

24 Months