HATCHOFF is an effective biological, non toxic eco friendly product that can convert harmful hatchery waste into a source of enriched nutrients that can be used as a feed supplement for poultry. 


Poultry Hatcheries produces large amounts of hatchery waste which includes solid waste and wastewater.

The solid hatchery waste comprises empty shells, infertile eggs, dead embryos, late hatchings and dead chickens and a viscous liquid from eggs and decaying tissue. Wastewater comes from water used to wash down incubators, hatchers and chick handling areas.

Thus Hatchery waste could be developed into high protein Animal feeding stuff, other value added products or utilized as an organic fertilizer after appropriate treatment

 What does it contain?

Formic and propionic acids

Cocktail Enzyme

Where can we use HATCHOFF?

Hatchoff can be used in all small /medium/large scale hatcheries where dealing with the dung and other solid/liquid wastes is not possible by mechanical means or where hatcheries are looking for a more ecological method to treat Hathery runoff.


Existing treatment procedures are lengthy and expensive where in the following procedures are practiced either in continuum or separately viz., Rendering, Autoclaving, Ensiling, Enzyme or sodium hydroxide treatments, Composting and lastly WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT using harsh chemicals.

PHSWMP can replace all the above cumbersome processes. The prebiotic and probiotic blend drives HATCHOFF to achieve more effective results than that could be obtained  by following all the above practices.

How to use HATCHOFF?

Use @ 1 Kg/MT hatchery solid waste in a reactor at 65 degrees for 45
minutes and dry using FBD

Shelf Life?

18 Months