What is Vibriocare?

Vibriocare is a safe biological remedy to control Vibrio and luminescent bacteria in shrimp aquaculture. The formulation is a consortium of essential microbes that can replace the harmful disease causing bacteria with growth promoting bacteria.

What is Vibrio and how does it affect aquaculture?

Shrimp aquaculture industry is beset by disease, mostly due to bacteria (especially the luminous Vibrio harveyi) and viruses. Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide as the bacteria species is Prevalant throughout the world.
Commonly observed signs in the disease include Tail necrosis, shell disease, red disease, loose shell syndrome , and white gut disease. In aquaculture ponds, where animal and algal population densities are
very high, Vibrio numbers are also high compared to the open sea.
Luminescent Vibrio release exotoxins cause 80-100% mortality.

Why use Vibriocare?

Frequent prophylactic management of this cluster of disease has led to antimicrobial resistant strains of Vibrio. Hence, the need for using probiotics in place of antibiotics for disease control is becoming the sustainable solution.

How does it work?

The microbial consortium in this product replenishes the water with useful and growth promoting bacteria and thus Competitive exclusion is one of the ecological processes that allows manipulation of the Bacterial species composition in the water

How to use Vibriocare?

Vibriocare needs to be broadcasted directly onto the surface of the pond or can be added in the deed supplement based on the prevailing condition.

Suggested Method of Application:

In Feed:     
Preventive: 1g/ 7.5-10 kg Feed once in 15-21 days                         
Curative: 1g/1-2 kg feed three days
In Pond water:
Preventive: 50-75g/ Acre once in 15 Days
Curative: 200-250g/ Acre

Where can Vibriocare be used?

VIbriocare can be used in most aquaculture farms where this cluster of disease becomes more prevalent.


Shelf Life

12 months form the date of manufacture.