Rembio-PKC is a safe biological solution which can convert the palm cake into a nutritional feed additive for livestock such as poultry. Palm oil cake being rich in crude protein can replace other protein based feed additives by making the crude protein locked in its molecular structure more bio available for the animal.

How does RemBio-PKC work?

Plant origin Cell wall materials contain low digestible feed ingredients. These anti nutrition factors impair the digestibility and utilization of nutrients present in the plant feedstuff. The enzymatic reaction thus produced by the application of Rembio-PKC on the palm oil cake breaks the encapsulated nutrients making it bio-available in livestock feed.

 How to Use RemBio-PKC?
Many factors need to be taken into consideration before treatment of PKC with RemBio-PKC  such as level of safe inclusion, energy digestibility, Protein Digestibility etc., Taking these into consideration the suggested level of inclusion is listed as follows

100g BioRem-PKC per MT of PKC with 120 litres water / MT PKC stirred periodically for 15 days

What does BioRem-PKC contain?

Endo-1, 3(4)-b-glucanase      
B. licheniformis       
B. megaterium
Pullularia pullulans
Cellulomonas uda

Shelf Life and Storage

12 Months ; store in a cool and dry place