What is ZEOBIO?

ZEOBIO is a natural, harmless and organic water pollution control remedy that can trap harmful obnoxious gases eliminated by decaying organic matter additionally improving and promoting growth of essential pond micro flora by means of adde-d probiotics in ZEOBIO.
Zeolites are minerals that have a micro-porous structure also known as "molecular sieves".
Pond bottom always plays a key role in aquaculture and every aquaculturist is to be keen inmaking it pollution free. Left over feed, Droppings of the animals, Dead animals, Harmful algae on decomposition releases lot of obnoxious gases like Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia, Methane, Nitrites which are all toxic and carcinogenic.
Although original Zeolites are able to entrap Hazardous gases and soften the water, need of the hour is to enrich these Zeolites with several other inputs to widen their application.

How does it work?

Each content of ZEOBIO performs a certain function cumulatively cleaning the pond.
ZEOBIO contains
Binders of Heavy Metals
Humic Substance
Microbes that reduce pH
Microbes useful in ammonia absorption, H2S absorption etc.
Microbes that degrade soil Sludge
Gas Adsorbants
Oxygen Liberators
Sea Weed Extract

How to use ZEOBIO?

In Feeds:                 500g/ Ton feed
In Pond Water in aquaculture:      25 kg/ Ha once in 21 days.
In Cattle Shed Floor, Poultry Shed Floor, Pig Shed Floor: 1 kg/ 10,000 sft

Where can ZEOBIO be used?

Stagnant ponds where outflow is restricted and there is no proper water circulation.
Ponds which have already been harvested tend to have a lot of decaying organic matter.

Shelf Life

12 months