What Is a Tick?

Ticks are small insects that are haematophagic meaning they feed on blood of mammals, birds and even reptiles sometimes. Most commonly affected are pets, cattle and horse. Ticks are capable of causing long term damage to the host by transmitting harmful bacteria causing a wide range of diseases which can also result in the death of the Host.

What is TickOfff?

Tickoff is a natural remedy that can kill ticks without the use of conventional remedies that comprise of chemicals that could stimulate the tick to secrete more harmful pathogens. Tickoff is a biological and safe cure to tick infestation.

 How it works?
The microbial consortium penetrates the cell walls which hampers pathogenic secretions from the tick and lastly
killing the tick for prolonged relief.

Where can TickOff be used?

TickOff can be used on pets such as Dogs, cats,  and any other pet.

In a zoo this can be used to ward off harmful seed ticks that can infect a lion or any large beast.

It can be used on Cattle and horse where fleas and ticks are a common issue.

Where can it be used?

For all lactating and non lactating animals.

How to use TickOff?

 Dust liberally on animal resting places.

 Dilute with equal amount of chalk powder or Calcite powder and dust on the bodies of the animals.

Shelf Life and Storage.

12 Months ; Store in a cool dry place