What is StimuLiv?

 Stimu:Liv is a botanical and safe all natural hepatostimulant, hepatogenerator and Hepatoprotector made from choicest herbs and probiotic microbes that help in regenerating liver function naturally without any risk to the organism.

 Why Use Stimuliv?

 Stimuliv is completely organic and herbal, therefore, 90% utilization is observed by the organism. The other big advantage is that naturally occurring herbs, which are considered medicinally fit for fishes are compounded to offer a wide array of substances that are complimentary to one another. All phyto compounds offer a complex of substances thereby always a synergetic effect is possible with herbal substances.

 How does it Work?

  • Combats colibacillosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, hepatitis, gumbaro
  • Generates damaged liver cells
  • Helps in combating Hepatitis B                                        
  • Improves F C R
  • Increases body weight gain ratios                                   
  • Increases hatchability
  • Inhibits LDL accumulation                                
  • Reduces after effects of disease and stress
  • Reduces Triglycerides

 How to use Stimuliv?

 Stimuliv powder needs to be included in regular feed and level of inclusion is based on the recommended dosage.     

 Recommended dosage:

 Adult Large Animals: 5 g/ day 

Adult Pet Animals: 500 mg/ day

Young animals: 10-50% of the above doses

 Storage and shelf Life

 12 months from the date of manufacture; Store in a cool dry place